Show Schedule

Premiere Rated shows | We also attend ETI Corral 8 series shows and OCIEL shows


Horse Show Schedule 2017

National Shows                                                                                           County  Show (all medals)
Desert Circuit I                                  Jan 17-22                                       Gold Coast              Feb 17-19
Desert Circuit II                               Jan 24 -29                                      Gold Coast              April 7-9
Desert Circuit III                             Jan 31- Feb 5                                  Gold Coast              July 21-23
Desert Circuit IV                            Feb 7-12                                             Gold Coast   Aug 31-sep 2 Rosewood, LAHJA Horsemanship
Desert Circuit VII                          Mar 7-12                                            Gold Coast               Oct 19-22 CPHA Horsemanship Final
Desert Circuit VIII                      Mar 14-19 (young rider trial 1, WCHR)
Blenheim Spring III                   April 5-9 (WCHR)
Blenheim Spring IV                     April 11-15                                        OCIEL   (stay tuned for dates)   
Del Mar National                           May 2-7 (WCHR, young rider trial)
Sonoma Horse Park                     May 9-14 (young rider trial)                PEC (stay tuned for dates)
Ranch and coast, SP                      May 9-14 (WCHR)
Memorial Day Classic,Paso Robles        May 24-28 (Young Rider Trial)
Oaks June Classic I                          June 7-11 (WCHR, NAJYRC final trial)
Oaks June Classic II                          June 14-18                                          Spruce Meadows               6/26-7/10
Oaks June Classic III                       June 21-25 (west coast pony finals)
Showpark Summer Festival          July 19-23
Jr Hunter Finals, Hunterdon cup ,   Del Mar  July 24-25
Giant Steps Charity, Sonoma         Aug1-6 (WCHR)
Menlo, San Francisco                        Aug 8-13 (WCHR regional finals )
Oaks Summer Classic                         Aug 16-20 (CPHA Jr/Am Medal Finals)
Showpark Summer Classic             Aug 23-27 (CPHA Foundation Finals)
Portuguese Bend                                 Sep 8-11 (PCHA 14 and under and adult horsemanship finals)
Oaks Fall Classic                                 Sep 13-17 (Maclay Regionals)
Oaks International                             Sep 20-24 (USEF Talent Search and USEF Medal regionals)
Capital Challenge, MD                      Sep 30-Oct 1 – equitation weekend
Capital Challenge, MD                      Oct 2-8  all hunters (WCHR Finals)
Penn National, PA                               Oct 12-15 ( jr htrs, ponies, Pessoa Nat’l Medal)
Del Mar Welcome                              Oct 11-15
Washington Int, Wash DC                   Oct 25-30
Del Mar International                          Oct 18-22
Sunshine series I, Thermal                    Nov 1-5
National Horse Show, KY                     Nov 1-5(ASPCA Nat’l Finals)
Sunshine Series II, Thermal                 Nov 8-12

Las Vegas National                             Nov 14-19 (WCE Finals)