Policies & Fees

Hours of operation

Monday: closed

Full Training Program:

Tuesday through Friday: 7am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7am – 12pm

Lesson Program:

Tuesday through Friday: 8am – 5pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am – 4pm


closed for the following holidays: Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, Christmas Eve through New Years Day (horses turned out these days)

Monthly Training Fees

Full service training includes training for the horse and rider:
-4 lessons a week; 2 flat and 2 jumping
-1 trainer ride a week per horse
-Full Groom Service 6 days a week:
Turn outs on holidays, hand walks and/or turnouts (conditions permitting) when the ring is closed due to weather, and basic grooming supplies
-Daily supplemental feeding 6 days a week (extra feed and supplements are invoiced directly to the customer)
-Blanketing and un-blanketing 7 days a week
-Laundry (blankets washed separately and invoiced to client) 

Ride-In Training Fees

Ride In lesson $75
Trainer School $60
Monthly Rates:
-1x week $250
-2x week $500
-3x week $750 (This program must include one flat lesson)
-4x week $1000 (This program can include two flat lessons or 1 flat lesson and 1 school per week)
Generally there are no make up lessons allowed if you pay monthly but we will do our best to make up one or two a month. This amount also includes a ring use fee of $50/month.

Lay Up

Services include: daily hand-walk, trainer tack walk, legging up to return to work, or turn-out as well as daily supplemental feeding, grooming and care.
This program is only for horses that have long-term injuries and is only offered for a 3 month duration, 1 time per year.


Includes 3 feedings daily – unlimited alfalfa or orchard (hay net if needed), and new shavings 7 days/week
PLEASE NOTE:  Board is paid directly to the facility of Seahorse Riding Club; training is paid to Stars Hollow Farms, LLC and is operated as a separate entity.

Horse Show Fees

-Day Fees: $50.00 (for those in monthly training)
$60.00 (for those not in full board and training)
-One Day Show: $60.00
-Grooming: $65.00/day/horse (paid directly to grooms…tip not included)
-Professional rides are included in day fees, for horses in training with Stars Hollow Farms, LLC
-Show Clip: included in monthly training
-Full Body Clip:$170 invoiced directly by grooms
-Tack stalls: Share of cost per horse
-Staff housing & Travel: Share of cost per horse
-Feed & Bedding: Share of cost per horse
-NightWatch: $5.00/night per horse
-Equipment fee: $150.00/horse per show or $25.00 per day
-Vet Supplies: Invoice cost
-Vet Services: Invoice cost by vet
-Braiding: Invoice cost by braider
-Horse Transportation: invoice cost by hauler