Policies & Fees

Hours of operation

Monday: closed
Tuesday through Friday: 7am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7am – 12pm

Monthly Training Fees

Full service training includes training for the horse and rider:
-4 lessons a week; 2 flat and 2 jumping
-1 trainer ride a week per horse
-Full Groom Service 6 days a week:
Turn outs on holidays, hand walks and/or turnouts (conditions permitting) when the ring is closed due to weather, and basic grooming supplies
-Daily supplemental feeding 6 days a week (extra feed and supplements are invoiced directly to the customer)
-Blanketing and un-blanketing 7 days a week
-Laundry (blankets washed separately and invoiced to client) 

Ride-In Training Fees

Jumping lesson $70 (private or group of 2)
Flat lesson $60 (group or private)
Trainer School $60
Monthly Rates:
-1x week $250
-2x week $500
-3x week $750 (This program must include one flat lesson)
-4x week $1000 (This program can include two flat lessons or 1 flat lesson and 1 school per week)
Generally there are no make up lessons allowed if you pay monthly but we will do our best to make up one or two a month.

Lay Up

Services include: daily hand-walk, trainer tack walk, legging up to return to work, or turn-out as well as daily supplemental feeding, grooming and care.
This program is only for horses that have long-term injuries and is only offered for a 3 month duration, 1 time per year.


Includes 3 feedings daily – alfalfa or orchard (hay net if needed), and new shavings 5 days/week
PLEASE NOTE:  Board is paid directly to the facility of Seahorse Riding Club; training is paid to Stars Hollow Farms, LLC and is operated as a separate entity.

Horse Show Fees

-Day Fees: $50.00 (for those in monthly training)
$60.00 (for those not in monthly training)
-One Day Show: $60.00
-Grooming: $60.00/day (paid directly to grooms…tip not included)
-Professional rides are included in day fees, for horses in training with Stars Hollow Farms, LLC
-Show Clip: included in monthly training
-Full Body Clip:$170 invoiced directly by grooms
-Tack stalls: Share of cost per horse
-Staff housing & Travel: Share of cost per horse
-Feed & Bedding: Share of cost per horse
-NightWatch: $5.00/night per horse
-Equipment fee: $50.00/horse per show
-Laundry: $5.00/horse per show
-Vet Supplies: Invoice cost
-Vet Services: Invoice cost by vet
-Braiding: Invoice cost by braider
-Horse Transportation: invoice cost by hauler