Local rider makes strong showing: Danielle Lean 2nd in $15,000 Seahorse Jumper Classic

by devonpgibson on October 1, 2015

Jesse Shurtleff atop Biscocho won the $15,000 Seahorse Open Jumper Classic Sunday at the 58thannual Portuguese Bend National Horse Show, edging out local favorite Danielle Lean by less than a second.

55ee76932c089.imageA total of 18 riders entered the competition, with the four who performed fault-free riding in a final round. Shurtleff won with a tme of 42.024 seconds to Lean’s 42.6.

After dismounting “Biscuit” at Ernie Howlett Park, Shurtleff hugged her horse around the neck and said, “She did good today. I made a few mistakes, and she had the energy to just fix them.”

Biscocho, stabled at Far West Malibu Stables and trained by Nick Karizissis, has won other competitions before but not as large as the Seahorse Classic, Shurtleff said.

“I knew she could do it,” said Shurtleff, 22.

Sunday was the first time Lean had competitively jumped at heights of four-feet, three-inches and higher. Her horse, Quantum Leap, is stabled at the Seahorse Riding Club and trained by Devon Gibson.

After Lean successfully completed each of the two rounds cleanly, she and Quantum Leap left the arena and were surrounded by friends and family congratulating her.

Before the race, Lean said Quantum Leap was a little difficult to handle, so she wasn’t sure how he was going to behave.

“But once we got in there, he knew what he had to do,” said Lean, 16. “This was my first Grand Prix, and it meant a lot because it was in my home town. This was kind of a big deal for me.”

Proceeds from the horse show will benefit the Associates Rehabilitation Center Caregiver Wing and the Associates Sarcoma Program Chair at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Reprinted from PV News.

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